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Who We Are

Unique Love Foundation is an international Charity that works with Children, Young People and Elderly living in Poverty.

Founded in 2018 by Whitney Souli, Unique Love Foundation has come a long way from its beginning in providing urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, addressing the effects and causes of poverty.

We have worked with various communities, especially in the West Africa region, and transformed the lives of many vulnerable children and young people across the region.

We work with the communities that are hardest to reach, where children are having a tough life. Some of these Children are living as refugees, and some in conflict and war zones.

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What We Do

We do whatever it takes to give a better life to Children, young people and adults living in poverty in the West and East African region and other parts of Africa, Asia and South America. We strive at all times to ensure Children are provided with their basic needs, such as good healthcare, education and safety.

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Ways To Help

You can volunteer to support our mission in many ways. It ranges from a one-time donation to a regular partnership. Whichever way you come in, your support can trigger a wave of change, thus initiating a change in the lives of these individuals.

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