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We’re a worldwide non-profit charity ogranization.

Unique Love Foundation is an international Charity that works with Children, Young People and Elderly living in Poverty.

Welcome to Unique Love Foundation

We believe we can change
more lives with you.


We aim to provide clean drinking water to poor people in developing nations.


We have a food programme specially focused on children and lactating mothers in poor developing countries.


Our charity foundation makes learning possible for children of all ages - from pre-school to graduate school.


We help communities do more through volunteering and fundraising to improve the delivery of healthcare services in those areas.

Support a Good Cause

Charity for the people
in great need

We work with the communities that are hardest to reach,
where children are having a tough life.
Some of these Children are living as refugees,
and some in conflict and war zones.

  • Reducing & Eliminating Poverty
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Facilitating Access to Better Healthcare


Charity Campaigns
Since 2018

We exist to change lives for the better.

Unique Love Foundation's Primary Goals

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around the world.

Unique Love Foundation has come a long way from its beginning in providing urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, addressing the effects and causes of poverty.

Education for Poor Children

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that education is a fundamental human right for everyone. We strive to ensure that poverty does not interfere with this.

Protecting the Rights of the Poor Child

In addition to facilitating access to basic education, we strive to protect other fundamental human rights of children and adults born in poverty worldwide.

Fighting Poverty Among the Elderly

Since our inception in 2018, we have had an interest in the economic well-being of aged people living in exteremely poor countries of the world.

Let Us Support The Poor

Our fingerprints on
the lives we touch
never fade.